Our Story

The idea for Eversun’s portable field light wasn’t thought up on purpose. It all started out because of one person’s desire to play his sport with no limits on time, location, or electricity.

Austin Vawter, an engineer and former baseball player moved to San Diego in the summer of 2014. Without baseball around, he quickly developed an affinity for beach volleyball. It could be played on any beach with just a couple people. 

Austin quickly developed a solid group of volleyball players he regularly called on to get a game going. They played at least 3 times every week after work. Everyone was happy. But then, daylight savings hit and suddenly, it was dark at 4:30 pm. With no illuminated volleyball courts in San Diego, his after-work game and crew were done.  6 months later when spring rolled around and he could play again, he realized he had fallen out of touch with the members of his group and his skills had declined significantly. 

Determined not to let that happen again, he realized the only way to keep the game going was find courts with lights. He quickly found out that there were no options on the market that would even come close to working. He found generator operated lights, but they were noisy and way out of his price range. Next he thought of building lights for a court but also quickly realized that the permitting and costs to were astronomical. He almost gave up hope when suddenly, the idea hit him! Telescopic lights with batteries. He spent the next year developing this idea; perfecting the design and function in every way possible. When he was finally ready to showcase the lights to his crew, he gathered all of them on the court and brought the lights down. His friends looked skeptical at first and a few already started the trash talking, “How are we supposed to play volleyball with those flashlights?” etc…

But, as Austin started raising the lights from 5 feet up to 20 feet, their faces and attitude started to change… They had never seen anything like these before. Then, the moment they were all waiting for; he turned the power on the lights and their looks turned to astonishment. They knew the games were back on and they could play all night. 

As they played those first games, other volleyball players and athletes came up asking questions and taking pictures. No one had seen anything like it. Austin quickly found his social evening calendar filling up fast. He hosted several moonlight volleyball tournaments, evening basketball games, and even lent them to a friend to host an outdoor yoga class. 

He quickly saw what joy these lights were bringing to everybody and realized he needed to share them with the world. That’s how Eversun was born.