Frequently Asked Questions

The battery lasts for 6 hours on with 15,000 lumens of light output on our 10.2aH 48V light system. This was battle tested over 1000 times.

The light system is not waterproof, however all internal electrical components are coated to comply with an IP65 rating. The system is also designed to withstand temperatures from 14 to + 104 °F (-10 to +40 °C) and elements such as rain, sand, and the occasional drink spill.

Your Eversun portable lighting system comes with a 110V/220V AC adapter similar to a laptop charger. You can plug it into any standard US wall outlet which charges the battery to 100% in approximately 3.5 hours.

Currently, it is not recommended to run the system while plugged into a power source. This can degrade the battery life and cause unforeseen issues with the system.

The LED lights emit 7500 lumens of light each for a total of 15,000 lumens per system. This covers about 1000sq feet at a height of 20′

This varies drastically. Each sport has a different size playing surface and lighting requirement for different levels of play. Below is a list of recommended units corresponding to sport/activity.

  • Beach Volleyball
    • Recreational Play: 1 Unit will provide 11 foot candles of coverage however there will be shadow imbalance. 2 Units will provide 20 foot candles on a 30 x 60 ft playing space
    • Competition: 4 Units provide  40 foot candles on a 27 x 54 ft playing space
  • Tennis
    • Class IV Recreational: 3 Units will provide 14 foot candles on a 36 x 78 ft playing space
    • Class III Residenital/High School: 5 Units will provide 23 foot candles on a 36 x 78 ft playing space
    • Class II Club Competition & Commercial: 7 Units will provide 33 foot candles on a 36 x 78 ft playing space
  • Basketball
    • 1 unit for recreational half court practice at 7.5 Foot Candles
    • 4 units for recreational full court coverage of 96 ft x 50 ft at 10 Foot Candles
    • 10 units for High School/Collegiate full court coverage of 96 ft x 50 ft at 30 Foot Candles
  • Soccer
    • Youth Field U7-U8 (27mx37M)
      • 8 Units @ 10FC
      • 16 Units @ 20FC
    • Youth Field U9-U10 (55mx37m)
      • 15 Units @ 10FC
      • 30 Units @ 20FC
    • Youth Field U11/12 (73mx46m)
      • Not Recommended
    • Youth Field U13/U14 (82mx50m)
      • Not Recommended
    • Youth Field  U15/U16 (91mx55m)
      • Not Recommended
    • Adult Field (100mx60m)
      • Not recommended
    • Penalty Box/Practice (40mx17m)
      • 3 Units at 7 Foot Candles
      • 5 Units at 13 Foot Candles
      • 10 Units at 22 Foot Candles
  • Baseball/Softball
    • Batting Cage (12ft x 60ft) 1 Unit at 20 Foot Candles, 2 Units at 40 Foot Candles
  • Golf
    • Putting Green/Driving Range – 1 Units for a 15 x  15 yard surface

We have tested the Eversun portable lighting system  extensivly and believe it to be worthy of a larger audience. We want to have individuals outside the company take it out in the wild and let us know if they agree.  The purpose of the beta testing program is to ensure that the customers agree! We will also be able to gain valuable usage data and feedback. We want to produce a perfect product that meets all our customers needs.  

Beta testers can be located anywhere in the US. We just ask that testers get out and play! Beta testers will also be asked to complete feedback and usage surveys via email and/or phone interviews. 

YES! In exchange for feedback and input, testers will receive a 75% off coupon to be used towards purchasing an Eversun Portable Lighting System as part of the main launch. Coupons will be for a single use and equal to the number of beta units purchased. Coupons are also transferrable.

Once the beta test program is full, no additional testers will be accepted. We expect the beta program to last 2 months upon ship date. Expected ship date is November 15th. 

We don’t anticipate there being any major issues with the beta model.  However, unforeseen issues can always happen. We will make a best effort to correct issues and provide testers with solutions if necessary. We want you out there playing! We have put over 1000 hours into testing the alpha design and believe we have nailed the beta. 

YES! We are planning to release an optional solar charging panel with the main launch. It will be an add-on. More details will be available soon so make sure to back regularly or follow us on Instagram.  @eversun_lighting